62. Restoring Plant Communities with the Spirits of the Land

Restoring Plant Communities with the Spirits of the LandIn this episode, we talk about working with plants in their natural environment and restoring plant communities with the spirits of the land.

News headlines are full of fear based messaging about climate change and weather extremes, but what are we, as individuals, supposed to do about it? What about all of the large scale ecosystem destruction? How can we have an impact?

The reality is that the climate has been shifting and changing since the beginning of time and plants, animals and humans have always been forced to adapt. However, many parts of our balanced ecosystem have been damaged or destroyed in the last 200 years in the name of progress.

We're talking about how to work with the Spirits of the Land to restore some of that damage and what kind of impact we can have in our own backyards, how to find intact ecosystems in your community, how to find out what's missing from your current landscape, and how to work with the wisdom of extinct plants or trees.

If you’re a shamanic practitioner, herbalist, gardener, energy healer, lightworker, psychonaut, or houseplant enthusiast, you’re going to love this season of The Earth Keepers Podcast.

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Here's what I share in this episode:

  • How a warming climate changed the European landscape 8,200 years ago
  • What our ancient European ancestors lost when the sea level rose by two feet
  • How the trend of people living nomadically today may be a DNA activation
  • The number of new plant species discovered on Earth every year
  • Why it's important to help rebuild damaged ecosystems
  • Asking the land what it needs to be restored
  • The importance of plants and water in an urban or suburban environment
  • That sometimes smaller is better when we're restoring plant communities
  • How to find native ecosystems in your community
  • What to look for when visiting a native plant ecosystem
  • The types of books that are good resources for habitat repair and protection
  • How to work with extinct plants
  • A story about how a noxious weed is helping restore an area that was logged

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