12. A Simple Guide to Ascension

Here we are in the final month of 2020. No matter how you’re feeling about the year right now, it’s time to appreciate all the energetic shifts that have happened and how resilient you are. Now is also the time to envision what comes next.

In this episode, I share my simple explanation of ascension, how a late-night argument with my husband kickstarted a deeper exploration of my experiences with other dimensions, why we need to individually ascend as a collective, 12/12/2012 opened a new dimension for us to ascend to, why some people can easily slip between 3 and 5D and how to know when it’s happening, why our bodies are important for ascension even though we ascend through our minds, what happens to our bodies during ascension, why it’s crucial to trust your instincts during the ascension process, and more.

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