46. Are Humans Killing the Planet?

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

Welcome to the second in a series for the month of September all about The Great Awakening.

In the first episode of the series, I talked about why we should be afraid to talk about (and experience) death.

In this episode, I share what The Great Awakening is, the scientific evidence that shows it only takes a very small portion of the population to create a large field of positive energy in our collective consciousness and what this might indicate for The Great Awakening, why we shouldn’t be so concerned about accomplishing our soul’s work in this lifetime, why you have to be open to more than just the two popular narratives on any particular subject if you want to create alternatives, how the subject of climate change is a perfect example of this, my response to the question of whether or not the Earth is dying, the message Gaia shared with me about The Great Awakening, some examples of things that have been planted here on Earth from Venus to help shift the vibrations of this planet, and so much more.

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