25. Alien Invasion Dreams & The Seven Sacred Flames

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

As we move into the energetic new year this Saturday and there is a lot of energy swirling right now leading up to Spring Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere.

As a result, you’ve probably felt a lot of old, dense energy and timelines clearing away lately in both your physical and energetic bodies … as well in your dreams and waking states.

And, speaking of dreams, I recently had a few I’d like to share with you that have pointed me back to the other energies that have been sent to Earth for us to work with.

In this episode, I share the two different dreams I’ve had in the past week that have had the common theme of alien invasions, how seeing doesn’t always mean believing, why I think my dreams came in the form of alien invasions, why the dreams reminded me of Saint Germain’s Cave of Symbols, an explanation of the seven sacred flames and their associated ascended masters, what the ascended masters have to do with Greek and Egyptian gods, what a rainbow frequency is and how they assist us with the merging our awareness with our multidimensional self, and more.

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