83. Blessed by the Light: Honeybees Made Holy

Blessed by the Light Honeybees Made Holy The Earth Keepers Podcast with Amy Dempster from Following HawksIn this between seasons bonus episode, I share a deeper message I received from honeybee consciousness and how bees see the world and their role in it.

Listen to hear more about the “Queen of the Queen Bees” and their gentle frequency, how bees and their hives are the temples of the spirit world, bee connections to sacred temples around the world, and the magical role of drone bees in the hive.

You'll also hear a beautiful message channeled from the bees by Jacqueline Freeman, author of The Song of Increase: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World.

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Here's what I share in this episode:

  • A celebration of 100,000 podcast downloads!
  • An update on Season 4 of The Earth Keepers Podcast
  • Other ways you can watch, listen, or read these episodes
  • A bit of insight as to how I run my business
  • An update of what's happened since I wrapped up the last season
  • The shift I've had in working with the fungi collective
  • How bees have continued to be a thread in many of my lifetimes
  • An excerpt from a reading I had last year with psychic Carey Kaas about my connection with bees
  • Who the Overlighting Being in a bee hive is
  • How pollination actually revitalizes our atmosphere
  • Why bees were such a big part of ancient temple rituals and culture
  • The connection between bee hives and caves
  • Why the energy inside ancient rock chambers are similar to beehives
  • The connection between beehives and fertility
  • The critical job drone bees have inside the hive
  • A channeled message from Jacqueline Freeman on the mating experience from a bee's perspective
  • Why bees mate at earth acupuncture points
  • The conversation that happens between the sun, the earth, and the bees during the mating ritual
  • Channeled messages I have received from the bees
  • What the bees are asking us to do now
  • How bees are a template of harmony on the earth

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