34. One House, Many Timelines

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster


While there aren’t really any homes or places where multiple timelines aren’t occurring, I want to share with you today about a particular property reading I conducted recently where the layered timelines were a bit more noticeable than usual.

In this episode, I share why I originally thought the property contained a portal, how portals and multiple timelines are different, how often I encounter multiple timelines during property readings, how different timelines are presented to me during property readings, how Netflix’s Stranger Things provides a decent example of what it’s like having multiple timelines in one location, the two main ways you can consciously work with other timelines, why you should cut the cord when you move out of a place you’ve lived, when and why you might want to do a soul retrieval, a few keys things to know before doing a soul retrieval, and more.

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