21. Why Our Emotions Are Critical for Ascension

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

When I tuned into the energy of 2021 at the beginning of January and asked my guides what would be the most important information to share with you these first few months of the year, they told me it was important to go even deeper into vibration and frequency.

It’s with this in mind that I now want to talk about why we need our emotions for the ascension process and how exactly we stimulate and move energy through our bodies to assist in shifting to higher vibrational states.

In this episode, I share a quick review of the mechanics of how our bodies work with Earth and nature, the importance for our physical bodies of keeping our vibrations as high as possible, examples of things that can raise your frequency, my favorite way of raising my own frequency in a matter of seconds, why people in power manipulate our collective feelings and emotions, why you need to be curious about your emotions, the role essential oils play in accessing your emotions during your ascension process, what you can do beyond using essential oils to help release stuck energy, the 30-day essential oil routine I participate in when I need to release stuck energy, and more.

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