05. Exchanging Form for Frequency

If you’ve been listening to every episode of this podcast, you might have noticed I’ve chosen the topics based on the order they appear in the Earth Tenders Academy. Now, I’m giving away the content of the academy here on the podcast, but I am providing you with personal experiences to help highlight while I feel this work is so important.

In keeping with this pattern of topic selections, we’re now diving into what I call exchanging form for frequency.

In this episode, I share how a property reading at a local business with a connection to Nikola Tesla turned into an incredibly educational experience about vibration and frequency, what we really mean when we say that everything is energy, what an energy body is and how the Montana Vortex is a perfect example, how lightening factors into the Earth’s energy that we resonate with, the science behind why it’s so important to move at the speed of nature, how this all connects to ascension, how smartphones and WiFi interfere with our ability to resonate with nature’s vibration, a guided mediation to help with you connect with the Earth’s vibration, what can happen when we realize we’re aren’t separate from nature and instead realize we actually are nature, and more.

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