32. All My Guides Are Gone. What’s Happening with Ascension in 2021?

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

Last week I shared a pretty in-depth explanation of how sacred knowledge from the time of Atlantis has been passed along for thousands of years through space and time and is still being used today.

If you missed that episode, it might be helpful to go back and listen to it as this episode will build on it.

In this continuation of that conversation, I now want to talk about the current state of the ascension process as I perceive it.

As always, we’re each having a unique experience here on earth and nothing is wrong or invalid. So, take whatever resonates and leave the rest.

In this episode, I share what society’s greed and desire for power have done to the planet throughout our history, how the Earth’s grids factor into those desires, why I’ve spent the past few months question whether anything is pure and organic anymore, why old text and rituals aren’t going to help you find what you need at this moment in time, what an inorganic reality is, the difference between inspiration and input when it comes to gathering information, how pleasure and our heart factor into obtaining what we desire, how I lost then regained the connection with 2020’s energy and my guides, examples of old ideas or constructs around duality that we might need to release, and more.

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