04. Facing Your Fears in Spiritual Work

It’s officially spooky season and you’re going to hear over and over in the next few weeks about how thin the veil is; meaning the line between our dimension and the spirit dimension begins to blur.

In this episode, I share a brief history of the belief of a veil between our dimension and the spirit one, the church’s role in society’s collective fear of spirits, how fear leaves many people stuck during their spiritual journey, a story of a participant of my Earth Tenders Academy course who had a dream about a house that led to me tapping into an energy akin to being in the Upside Down from the Netflix show Stranger Things, why I always respect the wishes of the spirits of the land when it comes to healing work; even if it’s not what I want to hear, the importance of understanding that fear itself is far more frightening than anything you’ll experience while doing spirit work, and more.

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