16. A Heart Chakra Activation for 2021

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

Happy New Year, Earth Keepers! We did it! We’re in 2021! Now, if you came here hoping I’d looked into my crystal ball over the past few weeks and knew exactly what was coming up this year, you’re going to be disappointed. Well, maybe not totally disappointed since I will share one thing, but pretty much every intuitive friend I have is also having difficulty seeing much about this year. And, while this may seem unnerving at first, it shouldn’t be. In this episode, I share why we don’t need to know exactly what’s coming our way in 2021, the bits and pieces I have been shown about this year, the download I received over the break that has to do with the content I’ll be sharing with you on this podcast in the future, how the place I’m sharing with you in this episode is the foundation for everything this year, why I think an important lesson in 2021 will have to do with opening our hearts, the story about a cave in the desert where I received a profound heart chakra activation, and more.

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