15. Working with Sacred Places: My Experience with Bigfoot at Krause Basin

I had a tough time deciding the topic of this week’s episode, but I ultimately landed on sharing my experiences from this past June when I worked deeply with the Bigfoot elders in an area called Krause Basin.

I’ve shared bits and pieces of that experience in the past, but I only recently realized how much I haven’t shared and how vulnerable it feels to share the full story.

In fact, after I put together all my notes for this episode, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to record it. But there are beautiful nuggets of wisdom from that time that are just sitting in my notebook when they could be shared with you. So, here we are.

In this episode, I share how my experience with the Bigfoot elders in Krause Basin started with a vision of me marrying Bigfoot over a year prior, how I felt reunited with one of my multidimensional families within minutes of arriving in Krause Basin in a meditation journey before I took my physical journey there, how I was shown that I could pull the energy of a place and transfer it into the body of someone else as a form of medicine, the story Bigfoot shared with me during my second visit to the basin that led to a major revelation, the business advice I received from the Bigfoot elders on my third visit to the basin, the lessons Bigfoot shared with me during my final visit about our partnership and the history of such partnerships and marriages, and more.

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