02. My Plant Medicine Journey

It’s taken me the better part of a year to decide to talk about my experiences with psychedelic plant medicine publicly, but my guides have been encouraging me to do so for months. So, I’m finally taking the leap.

My experiences with psychedelic mushrooms are fairly recent and I ask you to keep in mind that my perspectives are as a 40-something who’s many years into my spiritual journey rather than as someone in my 20’s having fun at a party with friends.

In this episode, I share why I waited so long to experience psychedelic mushrooms, why my guides felt it was important that I try psychedelic mushrooms, why your mindset and your setting are critical components of a psychedelic journey, the realizations I had during my first psychedelic journey, how I integrated the things I discovered during that trip into my daily life, how I connected with Bigfoot during my second psychedelic journey, how I retrieved a part of my soul during that trip, the role potential played in my second trip and how it carried over once the trip had finished, and more.

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