How I Learned I Was An Earth Grid Keeper

How I learned I was an earth grid keeper. I wasn’t really sure if I should just write that sentence. I’m not sure I’ve said it out loud to anyone.

I want to add some kind of qualifier like…I (THINK) I (MIGHT BE) a grid keeper.

Because it’s not the kind of thing you take a class for, pass the test and then get a certificate so that you can then say for certain…I am a grid keeper.

Also…I can’t help but think of the Ghostbusters line: “I am the Keymaster…Are you the Gatekeeper?”

I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like that, but it does make me laugh when I think about it.

So what is a grid keeper? That’s an excellent question and I’m still figuring out the answers myself. When you google that question, you find references to grid keepers, to grids and ley lines and vortexes and cities of light and they all seem very intimidating. You either seem to KNOW or you don’t.

So as much as I can piece together what I’m told and shown by my guides and the bits and pieces I’ve learned from books or other blogs ley lines are energetic lines crisscrossing the earth, creating an energy grid that encircles the planet. Where they cross, you will often find a vortex of energy. There is lots of information available online if you’re interested in learning more about ley lines and vortexes.

For me, I started seeing a native american man on a horse in my journeys about a year ago. He was always pretty standoffish and didn’t have much to say but as the months went by and I continued to acknowledge seeing him, he started warming up and eventually, he started taking me to a spot overlooking the river. It was always the same place and for a long time I didn’t even ask where we were. It didn’t seem to be the point of our visits.

After my husband and I rather hastily moved in the middle of winter I was trying to figure out how we had ended up in the place that we did. I was certain we were called there, but uncertain why. I decided to journey to the spirit of the town we moved to and in that journey it suddenly hit me….this guide was bringing me to this town we now lived in.

I just hadn’t recognized it because it looked as it did before it was settled. This was a huge revelation and yet….I still didn’t understand.

Months passed, the guide told me his name (which is a whole other story) and I was having an akashic records reading with a local practitioner. We were talking about the place I was repeatedly taken to in this journey and she asked me if I could pinpoint the location (which, strangely, hadn’t occurred to me before….welcome to my brain).

I really focused on what I could see….Columbia Mountain was behind me, we stood on a large flat expanse, and the river made a bend before going into the canyon. I finally said….I think it’s in the vicinity of the House of Mystery. And then we continued on with our conversation. We both completely missed the importance of that statement.

Hours later, it hit me like a ton of bricks. THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY?!?!? THAT is what he is showing me? The House of Mystery is a tourist stop built on a VORTEX. WHOA.

The man on the horse (who I believe to be Blackfeet), was showing me a vortex that I later found out was originally discovered by and well known to the Blackfeet. Could that be true? (This stuff still blows my mind on a regular basis.)

In subsequent journeys I was then shown grid lines all over this little valley we live in and the mountain itself asked me to come visit. When I did and sat quietly and asked what I could do, I was told that I needed to energetically link the mountain to the vortex across the street. There is a highway in between and it was interrupting the flow of energy between the two. I mentally reconnected them and that seemed to satisfy the mountain.

Another time, as I was driving past the mountain, it seemed to complain about the power lines across it. Not that they were there (they bring hydroelectric power from a nearby dam to the entire valley) but that they were hogging up all the energy and taking it elsewhere. They wanted the energy shared with the town I was living in. So I journeyed to the power lines and asked them to share. They seemed to agree.

It was during this time I started seeing a little girl with giant hairy feet in my journeys. In the fall, three others and I felt like we needed to visit the vortex, the mountain and the river on a particular day. The day prior to this trip, I journeyed to ask what I needed to know for the next day. The little girl gave me a spinning sphere of light but I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

The next day, we visited the vortex followed by the river and ultimately hiked up the mountain far enough to be able to see the first two locations and all settled in to find out what we were there to do. The little girl showed up with the circle of energy again, but also with a triangle of stone and a small square. They were all a beautiful lavender color.

She explained to me that each symbol has a place along the mountain range for it to plug in. I asked what the purpose was and she said that they will help with the alignment of energy in the area.

She also explained that energy moves up the mountain range from south to north and when it reaches Columbia Mountain, it continues across the highway and the river to Teakettle on the other side. This creates an immense wall of energy between the two mountains, across the river. Because of that, she said that portion of the river is very powerful and cleansing and it is a good spot to get in the water.

Since then, I have seen the man on the horse less and less and the little girl more often. She seems to be my guide specifically for the grid work and has had me work on grids a number of times. Sometimes it seems strange – I mean, if a mountain can go to the trouble of asking a human to energetically connect grid lines, can’t it just do it itself?

But I think it’s possible that the grid keepers have the ability to do some of these tasks in a way only humans can. Like individual crystals tuning the earth’s frequencies.

Also, I’ve realized that in the time I’ve opened my mind to all of this how literal I was in my understandings to begin with. All of this work can be done energetically in meditation. I think I initially thought I was being asked to physically travel places and DO things. It kind of seems obvious in retrospect but since I was confused and had to ask the little girl to know for sure, it seems that I should mention it.

The next step for me seems to be that I need to learn to check in with (or tune in to) the grid when there seems to be an issue. Is something affecting how I feel? Take a look at the grid. Does a specific location seem to have a lot of trouble? Check in with the grid. It might just need a little adjustment to correct the energy flow of an area.

Can anyone be a grid keeper? I have no idea. Seems plausible to me although in my case my guides seem to be encouraging me and helping me along.

So, there you have it! How I learned I was an earth grid keeper. Now I’m dying to know…do you see the grids? Do you have a grid guide? Do you do something else with the grid?

I think of grid keepers like individual crystals tuning the earth's frequencies.
My spirit guides have been teaching me to work with the energetic grids of the earth.




  1. Jen says:

    This sounds really similar to what I’ve thought of as “land work”, though a little different. I live in a large city and there’s been a time where it’s been clearing and doing a ceremony for a certain spot (combining both journey-work and physical tasks) then there’s what I think is supposed to be tending to the energetic side of the city which isn’t the Earth ley lines, but how energy flows through the city and the energy surrounding buildings. I’m very much in the beginning stages of figuring out what I’m supposed to do with what I’ve been shown. Your post has given me some ideas and a direction to check out. Thanks 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Oh how cool Jen! That makes a lot of sense to me – needing to tend the energy flowing through a city – and I’m sure the land and the spirit of the city appreciate it! I have heard multiple names for this kind of work so I think whatever resonates with you is correct 🙂 Let me know if you have any new discoveries!

  3. Savannah says:

    This was a most intriguing read. I’ve always known this part of the world existed and spent most of my life searching for it and experimenting. Only in the past year or so to truly find my direction. Thank the universe for the Internet and people like yourself who tell us your stories. ?

  4. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words Savannah. It is much appreciated! I’m nice to know I’m not alone and that the internet can bring seekers like us together!

  5. Yes, my experience has been similar, but for me it’s all about rivers (and I was named after the Shannon River in Ireland). From being born and living near the Mississippi until I was an adult, and having that river be the subject of my first channelling, I’ve found myself living near rivers and getting messages about them ever since. Where I am now, in Johannesburg, I found out that the small stream that runs under my street feeds into the mighty Limpopo, the second largest river in Africa that drains toward the Indian Ocean. Thank you for telling your story, it will be great to hear more of it as it unfolds!

  6. Kristin says:

    I think I just discovered that I’m a Grid Keeper too! For the past few years, I’ve felt like a light post, moving here and there, brightening up the energy around me. And at that point, I too thought my path was to physically travel to places, or even move to places, to do my Light Work. But now that I’ve learned it’s a mental process, I’m sure I’ll be shown even more about my grid keeping abilities. I find myself OBSESSING about the flow of energy and I get so stressed when there’s chaos or blockage; I’m sure all for a very good reason though. It’s so cool to know someone else is out there with the same abilities, helping Earth like I do, so I don’t have to feel like I’m doing it all by myself. 🙂 I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  7. Janice O'Kane says:

    I’m late to this conversation but so thrilled I found your site and this post! I’m also an earth healer and am directed by Gaia to clear certain locations (near and far) to help transmute and clear the energy held there. I will do this in person, but it is mostly map work for me as I can clear larger areas that way.

    I tend to think of my work as peeling back the layers of an onion. As I clear areas more items can be revealed and those can then be cleared as well, allowing space for better, more and newer energetic flow. It’s geopathic work, but more so Gaia tells me.

    It’s very cool to know I am not alone in this work and to also read the comments and see how it comes to each of us in a unique way. I LOVE that! I honor you, and indeed all who do this work. As I type Gaia is telling me that all who do this work are recognized and honored for doing what is needed. She is also saying, make no mistake, we have all been called.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for the comment Janice! That has been one of the most fascinating things I have found once I started sharing is not only how many people are doing similar work, but that we each have our own unique twist on how and why it’s being done. I have no doubt that we are being called to do what is needed, even if it doesn’t always make sense to us at the time.

  8. Candie says:


    I stumbled upon this. Interesting bcuz u dont see much info regarding such things & thats ashame. Anyways, i read sort of figuring there was something, some reason aside of the article that i was led here. I noticed u said about the Blackfoot Native Americans. My grandfather found out about 5yrs ago that we had Blackfoot ancestors. He has done extensive research for around 20yrs. We knew we were scotch irish, but that was a surprise. On the other side, strangley enough, i had a cousin do the genealogical research and found out that my mothers fathers side goes back to Ireland also. My mothers mothers side (both sides) are irish and cherokee. The reason im telling u this is because i think its important. What are the chances of having 2 genealogy buffs in my family on opposite side never meeting each other?

    So, i too, can see lines, energies, what i call energetic shadows etc. Ive had to ‘flood’ my neighborhood w light before and do land clearings too. No one has ever asked me to connect anything, i dont think. Sometimes i just do stuff when im communicating w them. I kept saying we were ‘anchor-ers’ . Light anchors. It makes sense in my head lol.

    Id like to hear back from u.i was guided to reach out. Forgive my ramblings lol. Hope i made sense. I am very tired lately and my head has been like “WHOA”! LOL
    Bleaaings and peace to u all!!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Candie – That’s fascinating about your family! I started writing this blog because I wasn’t able to find much information online about what I was experiencing and thought perhaps others were looking too. From the emails and comments that I receive, it seems there are many of us who are receiving similar instructions, each with some little variation on how we do it. I think you’re right on about being an anchor – I’ve also heard it referred to as a tuning fork or an acupuncture needle or a translator but I think it’s all pretty similar work. We’re somehow able to receive these light codes from the earth and make them of use to people. I think we’re each playing our part in our corner of the world so keep up the good work!

  9. Katherine says:

    Hi Amy!
    First off, your post has shook me to my core. I’m mind blown. I’ve been seeing grids/lines/waves my whole life. They all move like static. I’ve thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me or that everyone saw the same things I did, but I’m learning that is very much not the case. I’m not sure what to do with the ability to see the grid. I don’t have any guides, that I know of, and I’ve never felt like I’ve been directly talked to. I’m not sure where to start from where I’m at, but I’m hopeful I’ll get some clues on the next steps now that I’ve fully realized that my eyes are not playing tricks on me and not everyone sees what I do.

    If you have any advice for a 20 year old college student who feels like she’s now going through an identity crisis, I’m all ears!

    Thank you for this post. I feel so relieved that I’m not the only one who sees these things!

  10. Katherine says:

    Hi Amy!
    First off, your post has shook me to my core. I’m mind blown. I’ve been seeing grids/lines/waves my whole life. They all move like static. I’ve thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me or that everyone saw the same things I did, but I’m learning that is very much not the case. I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t have any guides, that I know of, and I’ve never felt like I’ve been directly spoken to. I have no idea what is going on. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with the ability to see the grid. I guess that’s a part of the journey.

    If you have any advice for a 20 year old college student who feels like she’s going through an identity crisis, I’m all ears.

    Thank you for this post. I’m so relieved I’m not the only one who sees what I do.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Katherine – Thank you so much for the note! Honestly, I started this blog mostly just to share my experiences without really knowing what it all meant at the time. It’s been quite the journey for me – and still is every day! What I have learned from writing here and hearing from lots of different people the past few years is that we’re all having similar experiences that are also unique to us. My calling and purpose is slightly different than everyone else’s but the messages we’re hearing are similar. Definitely download my guided meditations and work with them to help you understand what you’re seeing. Often times it’s giving yourself the time and space to move slowly and listen carefully. Journal what comes to you without editing it. Those are your guides helping you along! Glad you found your way here and happy to have you along for the ride 🙂

  11. Kayla Storlid says:

    Omg, I see the grid. Not all the time but I see it. Sometimes on the ceiling when I am in the tub. No idea. My guess it’s the water. I had a dream about a hairy girl. She had a hologram wheel above her head. She said her job was to move the earth and space and time. There was also a mountain with a man hovering above it as a hologram. There were power lines. I have been visiting the vortex’s since I discovered the twisted trees in Sedona. I was visiting them as a child and did not know it. I love items from one vortex to others. I would love to chat. This is amazing!!

  12. Anonymous for professional reasons says:

    I can’t speak to anything other than the grid itself. I had an NDE (I overdosed at a music festival and literally drowned in sewage, definitely not proud of it). I came out a different person. I was technically dead for roughly 45 minutes and when I woke up I was on life support. I did not come back gradually. I awoke and in a split second was on my feet and literally tripped over wires and tubes.

    If you speak of the grid, I can describe it exactly. It is a medium green, the depth of it distorts as you approach it. I do not know what the vertices and lies signified. When I was in the midst of my NDE I can tell you the beings who I interacted with spoke a language formulated from what I can describe as a hybrid of mathematics and emotions states (not emotions themselves, but for instance contentment as opposed to happiness). I could move three dimensionally but movement was “willed”. I was amidst stars and distances so vast I actually get a headache trying to remember it. What I remember clearly was that the grid itself was shown to me as if it was meant to mean something. I remember the grid was green, clearly two dimensional, and it distorted the stars and light around it. The Grid existed on its own terms if you will. The grid did not come from this natural world and I remember it existed alongside reality, as the squares were not constant, yet no change could be viewed. I remember at the time thinking it was quite clever. I remember feeling connected to the entire universe with the exception of the grid, and my movement speeds were limited near it.

    I’m not sure the exact relationship between the beings of light I encountered and the grid. If I had to take a guess I would say they were some sort of engineers but more on the maintenance side. I am not sure the beings of light even knew who built it, whether it was built, or how old it was.

    Limits were imposed near the grid not found elsewhere. In the grid speed was limited to how quickly light could shine. This limitation did not exist elsewhere and was unique to the grid itself. It also locked perspective if that makes sense.

    I believe now it is likely we exist on this grid. Getting close to a line would show me glimpses of reality, which again I wrote off as a clever trick.

    When I returned or was rather forced to, I was jettisoned back into this grid. I landed square in my own mouth and I could feel my body again.

    You should also note the grid is not made of energy, but rather a gas. This is important because many peopl think it is energy while I recall it clearly as gas, it just happened to be so concentrated it looked like energy.

    Also, in the off chance someone reads this comment, and they do so out an attempt to conceive of a way to contact the dead, I apologize, but the dead are gone. I do not know where they go but in my NDE I inquired about that, and even the beings of light were not sure where the dead went, they said they were only (some concept with no equivalent in spoken language, judge/servant/helper\engineercustodianmarketer). Here is the closest example of the conversation I had which I could use our math and punctuation symbols to demonstrate.





    The translation would be who are you three? They answer the three of us do various tasks, my next question is where am I? (Or literally where is the limit of my existence) to which they answer you mean where are we? We are outside your previously known existence.

    I know the description for the grid was shockingly simple, x^2/n=1 while the x^2 seemed close to constant, n, the number of squares in the grid seemed to have much more variance.

    I hope this helps in some way

    • Amy says:

      Wow – thank you so much for sharing this incredible experience! While my brain can’t quite compute the conversation, my body somehow understands it perfectly. I’m glad you found your way here 🙂

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