18. How to Do Healing Work with the Land

Earth Keepers Podcast Amy Dempster

I know that in the last two weeks I’ve talked a bit more about esoteric, ascension-type topics, but this week we’re getting into the nitty-gritty details of doing healing work with the land.

In this episode, I give you a little peek behind the curtain about what exactly is going on when someone like me does a healing session. I share the steps to healing work that are probably simpler than you think, why you might decide to work with a healer rather than trying to do the energy work yourself even after you know the steps, why the show The Dead Files makes me crazy, how we need to normalize our ability to use more than five senses, the two skills needed for energy work, what I advise empaths to do before they begin doing healing work with people or the land, and more.

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