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Grid Work And Meditation for the Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse is upon us in just a few days and the energy lately has been intense! I'm planning to do some grid work and meditation for the solar eclipse. I finally had some time to sit down and receive some guidance for Monday's solar eclipse that I could share BUT FIRST….I have to tell you about a dream I had this week that is clearly related.

I typically dream quite a bit but it's been very quiet the past couple of months. Nothing particularly interesting or even memorable, but before I went to bed two nights ago I KNEW I was going to have an experience in my dreams that night.

What happened is nothing I've ever experienced before.

The entire dream took place during the solar eclipse. My husband had been walking in the forest and found something that looked like seed pods, but weren't. A being came to us and said that they were their tools for grid work and that the work they were doing in that location was balancing and holding energy throughout Europe, on the other side of the world. I got the impression that the work was being done by Arcturians, though I knew nothing about them and have never interacted with them previously.

As we were standing outside during the eclipse, I glanced up into a tree and could see the sun illuminating a spider web. Within the web was an alphabet or series of boxes with words and symbols. I couldn't decipher what it said, but in the dream I knew what it was.

Suddenly, a lady pulled up to us in a motorcycle with a sidecar and said that it was her job to take us somewhere. We were confused at first but realized quickly that this was part of a larger plan that we were a part of – we had to go with her and both of us had jobs to do. We were to be gone for ten years.

As we packed to leave, there were a series of odd events with time – only two minutes had passed while my husband packed his bag, yet somehow two months had passed for the lady who was waiting for us. Another man arrived and laughed at me while I was packing – about how silly it was that I would bother to pack anything for as long as we would be gone for – and I suddenly woke up.

Uh, whoa?!

I definitely felt like I had traveled somewhere else and it was legitimately difficult to function in our “normal world” all day that day. I didn't know anything about the Arcturians but a quick look online and discussions with a few others confirmed that they are known for doing grid work.

So, when I tuned in to ask about the eclipse, an Arcturian named Blezel came to me with the information. He first had me move some energy from the mountains here into the grid. And then we literally filled this valley up with light – all the way to the tops of the mountains – in preparation for the eclipse.

During the eclipse, he told me that the earth will be flooded with intense energy and upgrade codes. The grids will store the data and humans can access the information as they are ready.

He told me that if you are reading this, you are ready to receive this information too. During the eclipse itself, we should meditate, pray, and help to raise the collective vibration.

Tune into the high vibration and enjoy the light codes raining down from above. He says we'll feel the collective energy shift.

I was then asked to share Sandra Walter's meditation that we can use anytime, but particularly on Monday. I did this meditation after the channeling and grid work and literally zonked out in my chair, which rarely happens. I'll be curious to hear about your experiences with it:

Also, while I was on her site, I realized she has a very detailed video and instructions on how to do grid work, for those of you who are interested. It's a bit different than how I have received instructions thus far, but I may try it this way now too to see how it differs.

So, drop me a line and let me know. What will you be doing during the eclipse? Have you worked with the Arcturians at all? I'd love to hear your experiences.

Enjoy all of this beautiful energy my friends and let me know about your grid work and meditation for the solar eclipse!

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