64. Living in Harmony with Nature with David Trood of The Weedy Garden

Living in Harmony with Nature with David Trood of The Weedy Garden. The Earth Keepers Podcast with Amy DempsterIn this episode I interview David Trood from The Weedy Garden all about his experience starting a garden from scratch and living in harmony with nature.

As the pandemic began in March of 2020, David's 30-year photography career came to a very abrupt stop. He had spent his life traveling and photographing the world in an effort to connect people with the magic and beauty of nature and now he had no work or travel on his schedule for the foreseeable future.

Then, he remembered a vision he'd had since he was a child of being strong and fit and living off the land when he was 100 years old and he decided to act on that vision and start a garden.

What began as a few raised beds on a hill beside the house he rents has since turned into an oasis where David and his wife are truly living in harmony with nature.

And he documents it all on his popular YouTube channel, The Weedy Garden.

If you’re a shamanic practitioner, permaculture designer, witch, druid, herbalist, gardener, energy healer, or lightworker, you’re going to love this season of The Earth Keepers Podcast.

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Here's what you'll find in this episode:

  • David’s earliest memories of plants
  • How his photography career inspired him to connect people with nature
  • What his gardening experience was like prior to 2020
  • The moment David decided he wanted to grow his own food during the pandemic
  • What happened when he ordered seeds from China
  • The vision he’s had since he was a child of what he looks like at 100 years old
  • The importance of lactobacillus bacteria in his garden and how he learned about it
  • How the soil acts as a kind of stomach for plants
  • Feeding your plants a five-star meal with quality compost
  • How the forest naturally builds beautiful soil
  • What biochar is and how it supports soil and plant health
  • What happened when David brought his microscope to the garden and started filming what he saw
  • The importance of understanding soil and light when growing plants
  • Experiencing the sentience of plants after living full time in the garden for a few months
  • How David handled the cabbage moths devouring his cabbage and cauliflower plants
  • David’s experiences when he opened to receiving messages from nature
  • How plants and animals share communication to keep the ecosystem in balance
  • Why you don’t want to plant your garden in rows
  • The importance of observing your surroundings to receive nature communication
  • The inspiration of the documentary The Biggest Little Farm for people who want to move from the city to the country to farm
  • That you don’t need to own land to start gardening
  • Ideas on how to find some land in your community to start a garden
  • How to move from having a dream to taking action when you want to grow your own food
  • The number of people and equipment involved in getting most food from the seed to your table
  • How much time it takes to care for a garden once it’s setup
  • The importance of fungi for trees and bacteria for plants
  • Finding the plant experts in your own ecosystem to learn about growing in your particular climate

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